Reduce Risk

Identify Value

Manage Change


At Sopow Law and Consulting, we want to help your business thrive.

We make sure the legal agreements your business enters into promote your interests, proactively reduce risk, and are fully understood by the involved parties.

We also work with you to develop systems to track and understand how the critical aspects of your business are performing. The benefit is a better understanding of your company, and less time spent gathering and processing information. These systems are also used to identify new sources of value such as synergies between departments, opportunities for new and better deals between your business and others, and to identify risks before they materialize into serious costs.

Let us help you manage the risks and the data so that you can focus on the high-level requirements of running a business.


Who are we?

Sopow Law and Consulting is managed by Nikolas Sopow, with support from specialized lawyers and consultants as needed.

Nikolas earned a Master of Laws from Western University, a Juris Doctor from Queen’s University, and has provided legal and consulting services to organizations operating in the following areas:

  • capital markets;

  • healthcare;

  • regulatory policy and enforcement;

  • technology infrastructure; and

  • energy.

Nikolas has also authored legal resources, published by Thomson Reuters, on the following subjects:

  • corporate governance;

  • franchises;

  • limited partnerships;

  • advertising and marketing;

  • film and television;

  • intellectual property; and

  • unfair competition.


Will this fit my budget?

Services provided by Sopow Law and Consulting are intended to be cost effective for most small to medium enterprises, and special arrangements are available for startups. Services do not begin before an initial budget has been agreed upon. This initial budget will estimate the cost of the services and provide a breakdown of how different services will be billed. Services are normally billed using a combination of flat fees and hourly rates, depending on the service. This approach provides predictable costs, while still being adaptable to changing circumstances.



Sopow Law and Consulting can be reached at:

Meetings hosted by Sopow Law and Consulting are held at:

30 Wellington St W, 5th floor, Toronto

Documents and packages may be sent to:

500 - 30 Wellington St W, 5th floor

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