What we do

Sopow Law and Consulting provides Independent Directors and governance services to growing companies, primarily in Toronto. Independent Directors are not part of management, meaning they do not interfere with day-to-day operations, but advise and assist at the strategic level.


What it costs

Adding an Independent Director is one of the most cost-efficient ways to gain access to the expertise needed for high-level corporate planning. The part-time salary of the recommended Independent Director includes all services offered by Sopow Law and Consulting.


What you get

The benefits are numerous, immediate, and ongoing. Based on feedback from businesses, the most important benefits include:

- Protecting the company from future disputes between its founders.

- Demonstrating to potential investors that the company can be trusted to manage external funding and be accountable.

- Reducing the risks of privacy breaches and misconduct in the workplace.

- Always being ready for audits.


Where to begin

If you are unfamiliar with corporate governance, please take a moment to read the Fundamentals section.

If you are involved with one or more start-ups, the Start-ups section explains the necessity of adding Independent Directors to growing companies.

If you are already familiar with corporate governance, the Services section explains exactly what Sopow Law and Consulting has to offer.