Independent Leadership

Independent Directors are not part of management, meaning they do not interfere with day-to-day operations, but advise and assist at the strategic level.

An Independent Director recommended by Sopow Law and Consulting will provide your organization with ongoing strategic advice that is informed, timely, and backed by deep experience in corporate governance. Such a directorship also includes all of the below services as part of the Independent Director's remuneration.


Policies and Procedures

Having a robust set of policies and procedures means planning for opportunities and risks that can be predicted, educating your staff on that plan, and adapting it over time. Some parts of that plan will be the same for almost every business, and other parts will require careful crafting to yield the most benefits.

Sopow Law and Consulting is ready to build a plan to suit your business needs, in addition to educating your staff and advising on future adaptations.



High-risk issues justify focused training for your staff and Board of Directors. Such issues include: understanding and navigating conflicts of interest, director and officer liability, lawyer-client privilege, and privacy protection.

Sopow Law and Consulting has the expertise and experience to train your team on these and many other matters.


Reporting Dashboards

Selecting the information that flows between your staff and Board of Directors is critical to making good business decisions. Equally important is how and when that information is transmitted. A good reporting dashboard facilitates all of this, and Sopow Law and Consulting is ready to design and implement one to fit the needs of your company.


Board Performance

Governing a company presents many unique challenges, from record keeping to performance assessments. Sopow Law and Consulting can make governing painless by: advising on the development of strategic plans, providing intuitive systems for agendas and minutes, and implementing self-assessment procedures for the Board of Directors.